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Detroit's Greatest Penthouse and Demolition in Midtown

Photo by Jim Tumey

MIDTOWN— Vacant since the 1980s, a crumbling apartment building near Honest John's might be torn down and replaced with something brand new. Should the plans be approved, Midtown could be see a new residential building by 2015.

DOWNTOWN— What's life like atop the Book Cadillac Hotel? Check out a photo gallery of the building's most glorious, awe-inspiring penthouse. With three stories and uncountable windows, the $1.1M apartment might be the city's most extravagant.

SW DETROITStudies show that an abandoned, city-owned maintenance facility is an ideal location for new development in SW Detroit. The proposed project features retail space, light industrial development, and, unlike most large-scale developments, connectivity to nearby neighborhoods.

DOWNTOWN— Aside from a replica Hong Kong, the Statler Hotel site has been empty for years. Finally, developers have a plan to build a new hotel, along with a residential high rise and a parking garage.