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Chili Recipes For Sunday's Big Game

Photo Republica Berkely Facebook

The Hungry Dudes are readying for Sunday's game, and in honor of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' halftime performance, they have compiled recipes from some of the area's best chefs for chili, and each variation is inventive and unique. The recipes are from April Boyle and Gina Onyx of Komodo Kitchen; Petro Drakopoulos, owner of Republica; Will Branch from Corridor Sausage in Eastern Market; Dave Mancini, owner and chef of Supino's Pizza; Nick Janutol, Executive Chef at Forest Grill; and James Rigato, Chef of The Root. Unusual ingredients include venison/bison, saltine crackers, poblano peppers, Vietnamese chicken sausage, Kaffir lime leaves, and black turtle beans. All the recipes are available with detailed instructions at the link.
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