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Inside Belle Isle's Old Aquarium; News from the Manoogian

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

BELLE ISLE — Built in 1904, the Belle Isle Aquarium is among the oldest in the country. With several empty tanks and a staff of volunteers, the building is only open on Saturdays. Still, it's one of Detroit's gems, and the interior—a dimly-lit cavern lined in green tile—is an unforgettable sight. Take a photo tour with Curbed.

BARRY SUB— Mike Duggan, Detroit's new mayor, is moving into the city's infamous Manoogian Mansion after secretly selling his Palmer Woods estate. The Manoogian's association with wild parties and corruption may have frightened Detroit's previous mayor, but Duggan has a plan to rebrand.

BELLE ISLE— A Chinese investor has eyes for the Detroit Boat Club, a historic building on Belle Isle that's been decaying for years. The plan: spend millions restoring the club into a boutique hotel.