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Metro Times Bids Eat It Detroit's Nicole Goodbye

Photo Eat It Detroit

News of Detroit food writer Nicole Rupersburg's move to Las Vegas has started to spread, and the Metro Times is the latest publication to post a goodbye.

The Metro Times' Michael Jackman writes:

as a blogger Rupserburg was voluble, opinionated and profane. We often looked forward to her summaries and reactions of our annual Best of Detroit list. Also, whenever a food-oriented media event was announced to the press, even if it was just chips and sandwiches on offer, chances were good you'd run into her at the table.

Nicole was reportedly on good terms with the Metro Times, and Michael expresses that she will be missed:

She was friendly with us, and her writing even appeared in MT over the years...But even when she was just chasing a paycheck by writing reviews for a money-grubbing Detroit weekly, she did it with a certain verve and style that was very Detroit. A shame to lose that energy. Farewell, Nicole, and best wishes!

There's still no official goodbye from Nicole herself yet or word on whether or not someone else is taking over Eat It Detroit.
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