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"Hungry Dudes" Offer Their Own Auto Show Dining Guide

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El Barzon Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Reacting to The Detroit Free Press list of where to eat when in town for the North American International Auto Show, The Hungry Dudes have created their own list of options in the city and *gasp* in the 'burbs. The inclusion of the suburbs is a controversial one, as even the Free Press set aside their usual 'burbs bias in favor of only listing restaurants in Detroit proper just this once, but maybe for Torino it's worth the chance. As the article points out, the food is way better than the standard Detroit Hotel Restaurant fare and "Even with the cost of [renting a] car, your bill will still be less than some options off the Free Press list."

There are far fewer expensive restaurants on the Hungry Dudes list, and many are better lunch than dinner locations, but overall it's a broader and more adventurous look at Detroit's great food, just slightly (but not too far) off the beaten path. The complete list: Vince's, Mudgie's, Duly's Place, Golden Fleece, Hygrade Deli, Los Altos, Torino, El Barzon, Grand Trunk Pub, Great Lakes Coffee, Two James Distillery.
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Hygrade Restaurant & Deli

3640 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 313-894-6620

Duly's Place

5458 Vernor Highway, , MI 48209 (313) 554-3076


201 E 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220 248-247-1370