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Eat It Detroit Bites The Dust

Photo Eat It Detroit

Looks like Detroit is one food blog down, as all signs point to the apparent abrupt end of Eat It Detroit, food writer Nicole Rupersburg's always wordy and often expletive-laden blog. Nicole was well-known in the Metro Detroit area, writing not just for Eat It but also Hour Detroit, Model D, and occasionally other publications. News of Nicole's recent move to Las Vegas broke on Model D, who introduced their new development news editor in light of Nicole's decision "to take on a fulltime food writing gig" in a sunnier climate.

Her move coincides with silence on the blog, which hasn't been updated since December 26th, and on Eat It's official Facebook page, which has been quiet since January 1st. It's surprising that Nicole, always so vocal on her blog and social media, would abandon the blog without an official goodbye, but a phrase in her last blog post, a year-end review of the year's biggest stories, hinted that she might have been ready to move on from Detroit's food scene.

In the post's introduction Nicole noted that so much more was happening this year, and that the proliferation of information was far more competitive than in previous years: "There was more news with more people covering it, making it even more difficult to keep track of everything as it all started to sound like so much white noise." That "white noise" might have been what prompted Nicole to move on. She seems happy according to a post today on her personal Facebook page, where she mentioned "not hating life" which is a good sign. Congratulations on your new job, Nicole, Eater Detroit wishes you all the best.
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