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Big Development in Brush Park; Roof Deck Renderings; More!

BrushParkPreservation/Curbed Detroit Photo Pool

WEST SIDE INDUSTRIAL—Dan Gilbert bought a giant warehouse near Corktown, his first known purchase outside the immediate downtown area. No one knows what he wants to do with the 70s-era beige box, but there are hints that it involves a lot of electricity.

BRUSH PARK— Huge news broke this week concerning Brush Park, Detroit's infamously beautiful/empty ghost of a neighborhood. The bidding is open for several acres of city-owned property, where it's hoped that developers will renovate historic mansions and build a residential development.

DOWNTOWN— A rendering of the Serman's Building renovation has surfaced, and it's the first we've seen since Dan Gilbert bought the place earlier this year. The plan? Restaurant, roof deck, and possibly new office space. Check out the view at Curbed.