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Detroit Named One of the Worst Cities for Food Lovers

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While it may be an exciting time to be a restaurant and coffee shop lover in Detroit, certain observers still find the city lacking in terms of food choices. Case in point: today's listicle from real estate site Movoto which names Detroit one of the top 10 worst cities for food lovers. It comes in at number nine, doing just worse than Chesapeake, Virginia and slightly better than Corpus Christi, Texas. (The worst offender on this list is San Bernardino, California.)

What makes these cities so bad in their view?

It's all a numbers game. They looked at the following criteria: restaurants per capita, bakeries per capita, food trucks per capita, ice cream shops per capita, candy shops per capita, food and wine festivals per capita, caterers per capita, and gourmet grocery stores per capita (one wonders if this compilation was done pre or post Whole Foods' opening). The numbers for every criteria except the food festivals come from Yelp and greater Metropolitan areas are not included, just venues within the city limits. Quality of the venues or the restaurant world culture or its level of growth or decline—the overall dynamics of a scene—of course were not factored in.

What are the best cities for food lovers? They must be saving that list for another day.
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