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Pizza Ends Lions Player's Season; Public House Menu Goes Public

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DETROIT—Lions player Nate Burleson might be done for the season after a car accident late last night in which he broke his arm in not one, but two places. It was a single-car accident on the highway, but Burleson wasn't drinking-he was supposedly reaching for a pizza that was sliding off of the passenger seat. Wish Mr. Burleson will a speedy recovery, and keep your fingers crossed that the pizza was Supino's-the city's best pizza would be worth at least some of the pain and embarrassment he's suffering. [TMZ]

HAMTRAMCK— Looking for a concise but descriptive summary of what's going on during Hamtramck Food Week? This short article will give you all the basics about what special events are happening and how you can participate. Think pickle production, trivia night, and a biergarten. [After 5 Detroit]

FERNDALEPublic House is open as of Friday and raring for your business, and their menu is now posted to their official Facebook page as bait. In case that doesn't lure you in, they're also posting food-porn photos of cocktails with dating profile descriptions included (no really) so there's that. [Facebook]

Public House

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