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Dine, Drink, Detroit for the Riverfront, No News from Mo Better Blues

DETROIT—October's upcoming Dine Drink Detroit is offering more than just $15 specials at thirteen different restaurants, they will also be helping the Detroit Riverfront. They just announced on their official Facebook page that net proceeds from the event will benefit the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, which is pretty awesome. Dine Drink Detroit takes place from October 10th-16th. [Facebook]

ANN ARBOR— Tomorrow, September 24th, Vinology Ann Arbor is hosting a wine vs. beer dinner, where the "slam" style contest is supposed to finally answer the question, "which pairs better with food?". It seems that they're still taking reservations for the dinner, which starts at 7:00 p.m. [-ED-]

DOWNTOWN—Today was supposed to be a big day for highly anticipated restaurant Mo Better Blues to open their doors to special guests for an executive chef finding competition, but the restaurant remains stubbornly quiet instead. Mo Better has yet to return our request for an update on the future status of the event, but you'll be the first to hear any updated news. [-ED-]

Mo Better Blues

546 E. Larned St. , Detroit, MI

Mo Better Blues

78 West Adams, Detroit, MI