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Fed Gov't Gives Detroit City Distillery The Green Light

Detroit's first distillery since pre-prohibition, Two James, just opened, but this spring they'll have some competition in the form of Detroit City Distillery. Last week the Federal Government approved their Distillery License, and while they still have to be approved at the State and local level (which as we all know can make the Federal Government's process look downright speedy) they are distilling away and aging liquor too in preparation for their anticipated Spring 2014 opening.

They favor a "farm to bottle" approach and have vodka, bourbon, gin, and whiskey in the works. If this trend keeps going Detroit may just be on its way to becoming the next micro-distillery capital.
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[Photo Detroit City Distillery Facebook]

Detroit City Distillery

2462 Riopelle Street, , MI 48207 (313) 338-3760 Visit Website