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Dequindre Cut Construction and a Proposed New High-Rise Downtown

Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Campus Martius—The potential for a new office tower at Campus Martius has the city buzzing, as it would be the first new construction of its type in the downtown area since 2005. We managed to snag renderings of the front and back of the building, which features 16 floors, a parking deck, and ground-level retail.

Eastern Market—Construction recently started on the second phase of the Dequindre Cut, the urban greenway planned to connect Rivertown with Eastern Market and beyond. Check out a fascinating gallery of the abandoned railroad cut before its grittiness disappears, which features a route map of what the path will look like upon completion.

West Downtown—The man we call Apop, owner of the Penobscot Building and the Silverdome, cannot resist the urge to demolish everything beautiful. He recently tore into this terracotta gem at Michigan and Shelby, prompting more angry comments than we've seen in a long while.

Capitol Park— Evidence points towards Dan Gilbert buying at least one, if not several buildings in the downtown neighborhood of Capitol Park, one of the few sections of downtown he hadn't yet touched. Are these old structures the beginnings of his new arts district?