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Everyone Loves Two James Spirits, Raid of Eastern Market Vendors

CORKTOWNApparently everyone just can't get enough of Two James Spirits, since everyone and their mother in Detroit is posting articles left and right about the distillery. It is a big deal that they're the first licensed hard liquor distillery in Detroit since pre-Prohibition days though, so it's okay to be excited. You can try out their goods at their tasting room Thursday through Saturday evenings, or ask for them at Slows, Roast, and Sugar House. [Model D]

EASTERN MARKETThis morning reports arose about investigators targeting several Eastern Market vendors for suspected food stamp fraud. According to reports, Investigators with the USDA, IRS, Michigan State Police and Homeland Security descended on the market district this morning, causing traffic back ups and confusion amongst bystanders. As of yet it is unclear how many or which vendors were targeted. [Click On Detroit]

Two James Distillery

2445 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216


1128 Washington Boulevard, , MI 48226 (313) 961-2500 Visit Website