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Reviews for New Hellas, The Meeting House, More

Crowne Plaza

107 year-old Greektown favorite New Hellas closed back in 2008, but a new version has opened under new ownership in a new location in Farmington Hills and Molly Abraham (for the most part) approves, offering it two and half stars: "A star among entrees is lamb reganato, bone-in lamb simmered in olive oil, oregano and wine. It's a treat, tender and richly flavored, one of several lamb treatments from Jimmy Papatriantafyllou's kitchen...This certainly isn't that cozy little spot you may remember. But if you love the Greektown menu, you'll find it here." [Det News]

Laura Hahnefield heads to the just opened Detroit Coney Grill in Tempe to try their version of a Coney: "You'll want a Coney -- make that two. The best I've had in the Valley so far, Najor's version features a decent all-beef natural-casing dog with a good snap as well as a top-notch signature chili sauce -- made with seasonings and spices such as chili powder, cayenne pepper, and garlic -- with a rich, mildly spiced, and meaty taste reminiscent of the famous Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit." She just wishes the bun was better. [Phoenix New Times]

Metrotimes' Jane Slaughter has some early thoughts on the two month-old The Jefferson House at the Pontchartrain Crowne Plaza doesn't have a grand opening until the end of the month, but : "Every starter or salad we sampled was fabulous. We were less happy with lobster mac-and-cheese...Cola-braised short ribs, though, were unexpectedly off the bone and shredded, served like a stew over Parmesan polenta, with plenty of fat and a good, herby flavor." [Metrotimes]

Aaron Egan at Metrotimes checks in on The Meeting House in Rochester and comes away a huge fan: "The Meeting House is a perfect example of a restaurant built with and from love and dedication. Johnson and Mood's passion for their place is evident at every turn — in the thought put into the food, the excellence of service, and the small touches (like engraved clipboards to hold menus) that create a rich environment — and it makes for a superb dining experience." [Metrotimes]

The Jefferson House

2 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226 313-965-0200

The Jefferson House

2 Washington St., Detroit, MI