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Bourdain's Detroit Episode Will 'Shock and Enrage'

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Back in July, food world personality and TV host Anthony Bourdain came to Detroit to film an episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown. He ate at Roast, Duley's, Full Belly, Vickie's, and put on a light show at the abandoned Eddystone and Park Avenue Hotels.

Now in an interview with Forbes about the upcoming season, he says of the Detroit episode: "We did a show in Detroit that I think will shock and enrage people." He explains:

People will be surprised that Detroit, one of the great cities of the world—where so many fundamentally great American things like the car, rhythm and blues, Motown and rock 'n' roll come from—looks the way it looks, which is quite unbelievable. I don't think people have ever seen Detroit the way we're going to show it to them, and I think that we're going to blow a lot of minds.
Ok world, brace for your minds to be blown. The air date hasn't been announced, but it looks to be sixth in the lineup.
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