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A Month Of Dakota Inn Specials; Burger Brawl Tomorrow

Dakota Inn Rathskeller

EASTERN MARKET — The second-annual Detroit Burger Brawl kicks off at the Fairway Packing facility in Eastern Market, with 19 area restaurants offering their best burger possible in a strolling festival of taste makers. Our money's on Green Dot Stables and Local Kitchen & Bar, but previous winners like the Dirty Dog Cafe and Pappy's could put up a good fight in the rundown. The strolling taste festival on Erskine Street and on-stage burger-off starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow. Only the strong survive. [-ED-]

PALMER PARK — Even if you missed last Wednesday's 80th Anniversary Party at the Dakota Inn Rathskeller (5 and 10 cent beers!), the celebration continues through mid-September with regular weekend sing-a-longs, live music and 1930s-era pricing specials for second entrees. Oktoberfest might not be until the actual month of October, but that doesn't mean you can't start early this weekend at the Dakota Inn. [DetNews]

ROYAL OAK — The Detroit Zoo will no longer sell bottled water as part of a facility-wide push to be a more "green" and environmentally friendly attraction. The sale of bottled water at the zoo brings in more than $240,000 a year in sales, but zoo officials have said that eliminating the plastic waste that results from water bottles is worth more in the long run than that displaced revenue. Reusable, refillable water bottles will replace the disposal bottles. [Fox2Detroit]

MILFORD — While it's a bit of drive for many in the region, the 22nd annual Milford Memories Festival might be worth it for families this weekend in the quaint main street of the outer Oakland County village. A huge beer tent, rows of concession stands and specials from the small town's bustling restaurant scene are appetizing enough for many of the festivals thousands of visitors each year, but the annual art show also draws fans and pushes sales up and down the festival grounds. Locals might hate it, but it's definitely a great way to get to know the sometimes-forgotten community. [-ED-]

Green Dot Stables

2200 West Lafayette Boulevard, , MI 48216 (313) 962-5588 Visit Website

The Dakota Inn-Rathskeller

17324 John R Street, Detroit, MI 48203 313-867-9722