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Let's Try and Help the Bon Appétit Editors Out, You Guys

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Local Kitchen & Bar

This isn't necessarily surprising, but it is rather sad that the 2013 "Best New Restaurant List" from Bon Appétit doesn't include a single Michigan restaurant among the contenders.

We'd settle for a place well outside of the Metro Detroit region, or even for a place in Northern Michigan, what with all the attention and external praise afforded the greater Traverse City area in the national press.

Is there a restaurant that opened in the area this past year that you think deserves greater national acclaim? Let us know via our tipline, or leave a comment below. We'll show those Bon Appétit folks just how new and exciting our local cuisine really can be. No guarantee that they'll pay attention, but we can at least give it the old Michigan try.
· Bon Appétit's 50 Best New Restaurant Nominees 2013 [Bon Appétit]