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Kresge Court Kills It; T-Bones Steak A Simple Success

Michelle and Chris Gerard

In keeping with the Detroit Institute of Art's redesigned Kresge Court's mission to serve as a "Cultural Living Room" for the city, their cafe-style menu won over Molly Abraham in the News this week.

Calling the seasonal, shareable items "unexpected and appealing," Abraham had special praise for the court's popcorn bowls, open-faced sandwich selections and salads. While the court may not be a full-service restaurant, it still does casual cafe-style seating and service rather well, Abraham notes.

Meanwhile, up the eastside in St. Clair Shores, Jane Slaughter visits the simple, strip mall charmer, T-Bones Steak & Seafood in the MetroTimes this week. She makes the apt point that a place in the Shores that isn't actually on the shore is a struggle, but finds much to love about chef Justin Schneider's new home.

Slaughter raves about the three lamb chops persillade, warm spinach salad and the star features on the menu, the many varieties of steak. A rather unfussy entry to the region's cuisine, T-Bones Steak & Seafood gives the former Saltwater chef a chance to shine on his own.

Less review than regular selection of suggestions, this week's Freep Five by Sylvia Rector gives readers a sampling of outdoor fine dining delights across the region. The ample rain this week makes the list a bit of a downer, but Cafe Cortina and Big Rock Chop House are usually winners anyway.
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