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Atwater Brewery Going to the Park (Grosse Pointe, That Is)

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[Photos via Jessica Soulliere]

The local favorite beer-bunch at Atwater Brewing Co. — proudly brewed in Detroit in the Rivertown district, is opening up a gastropub concept in a deconsecrated church in neighboring Grosse Pointe Park.

The new pub, which also features what looks to be an attractive biergarten out front in the former churchyard, is not said to be a replacement for the city's existing brewery on Jos. Campau, sources have indicated. No opening dates are listed, and Eater Detroit was not able to contact the brewery this morning for confirmation or comment. The 'Born in Detroit, Brewed in the Park' tagline on the construction site posters suggest that some beer will be brewed in the space at the corner of Lake Pointe and Kercheval in the inner-ring east side suburb.
· Atwater Brewing Co. [Official]