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Order Food Downtown Faster; the Rise of Trinosophes


DOWNTOWN — It's already possible to order food from your favorite local restaurants online. But what if it was easier and faster? That's just the question that the folks behind Foodjunky asked themselves as they moved the tech startup from Chicago to downtown Detroit's M@adison Building. The young firm delivers food for 15 restaurants concentrated near their Grand Circus Park headquarters, but they told ModelD there's more to come on the way. "I kind of consider Detroit the land of opportunity right now," the company's CEO says. It could also be the land of fast and friendly digital-based food delivery, too. [ModelD]

CORKTOWN SHORES— There's not much to say about the regular weekly check-in from Green Dot Stables, except that it takes the surprise out the mystery meat slider selection. For those of you that want that surprise ruined, we'll just leave this link from their Instagram account right here for you and let you make the choice on your own. Full disclosure: it sounds delicious and is a surprise that everyone should ruin now and check out in person later. [Instagram]

EASTERN MARKET — The curious cafe and local art space, Trinosophes, is about to expand its reach with the arrival of People's Records, making the Service Street establishment a full-on, cross genre performance and beverage emporium for tastes both new and unusual. The gauzy but nevertheless lovely piece on the cafe's founder Joel Peterson gives a broad picture of his expanding mission, which apparently might one day include a rooftop garden and musician house. With money, public support and empty space, the world is your creative oyster. [UIXDetroit]

MIDTOWN — The Garden Bowl, at 100 years old America's oldest active bowling alley, keeps proving that you can't keep an old alley down. Their updated look — new seats, new countertops and glow-in-the-dark carpeting, which sounds terribly fun — is now officially ready for public consumption. Their fall leagues don't start until mid-September, but the glowing carpet starts right now. You can't beat glow-in-the-dark carpet, friends. [Facebook]

Green Dot Stables

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