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Freep Goes Long On Downtown Popups


There isn't exactly a lot of 'new' news in this morning's Freep story highlighting the Cadillac Square Food Court of Tomorrow, but we do learn some interesting highlights of the space, including:

· Puns make fun ledes ("They may not all be the Cadillacs of metro Detroit's foodie scene...")
· There are only three more weeks left to sample the spread
· Sales numbers remain vague ("thousands")
· The recent cold weather is putting a damper on the sales of flavored ices
· Downtown Detroit is now officially "vibrant"

For more good news and great pictures of the green-roofed popup places (we might call them "temporary food huts," but that's just us) in the 'newly re-activiated' Cadillac Square, check out this morning's Freep.
· Pop-up Vendors Bring Mix of Lunchtime Cuisines to Downtown Detroit [Freep]