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ForestGrillSmall.jpgThere are seasonal menu changes, and then there are dramatic menu renovations meant to draw in customers after a period of slowing sales. For chef Brian Polyn's Forest Grill in downtown Birmingham, it seems that the latter kind of menu change is the one up for grabs here. On Friday, Sylvia Rector detailed the restaurant's new chef de cuisine Nick Janutol, "who has quietly been changing the restaurant's style for months." Janutol says the restaurant has "lost touch with the neighborhood," and sees his culinary and stylistic changes (no more white tablecloths, waiters in jeans and fun pinstripe aprons) as a way to draw in the surrounding neighborhood to a space sometimes perceived as unapproachable. [Freep]


735 Forest Avenue, , MI 48009 (248) 258-9400 Visit Website