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Chef Grosz Takes a Bold Stand in Birmingham

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The Stand Gastro Bistro

Paul Grosz, chef/owner of Detroit's Cuisine restaurant, (which is participating in Detroit Restaurant Week, by the by) is experimenting with a foray into the suburbs. His new restaurant, The Stand Gastro Bistro, is taking over the former site of Zazio's on Woodward Ave. in Birmingham, though it appears to be taking quite a while. The Stand's website boldly proclaims that they're "Opening Summer 2013?, but they have clearly run out of time.

Unlike the website, the bistro's Facebook page is updated daily with news and photos of the restaurant's progress, and it mentions September 30th as their actual opening. The pictures indicate that there is still an enormous amount of work to be done before the restaurant can open to the public, but they still have a month left, making the 30th a still-attainable goal.

Despite the interior's slow progress, Grosz and Co. seem to be forging ahead with the concept, posting on the page last Sunday that the wine, beer, and liquor lists are complete, in addition to the menu. They claim the lists will "bring an unique and a complimentary partner to our detailed culinary menu", which will be modern American cuisine, including charcuterie.

It's a bold move for Grosz to venture out from Detroit into Birmingham's over-saturated and cut-throat restaurant / bistro scene, but maybe concepts like a "community table" made of wood reclaimed from Detroit homes, a partnership with Great Lakes Coffee and input from College for Creative Studies students on the decor will add some unique Motor City charm to the 'burbs. Maybe the locals will even like it. Imported from Detroit, exported to Oakland County. Definitely not the first time that that's happened.
— Victoria Trudeau


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