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Everybody Nosh Again; Luxe Fancies Up the Local Bar

Beans & Cornbread / Southern Nosh

There's a new restaurant from a well-liked and wildly-successful local restauranteur, so naturally, everybody's writing about it. Last week, Molly Abraham gave Patrick's Coleman's Southern Nosh a cautious and meat-free two-and-a-half stars, and today, the MetroTimes' Noelle Lothamer offers her own take on Southfield's new vegetarian and vegan soul food establishment.

Lothamer is slightly more upfront than Abraham was about her hesitations when faced with meat-free substitutes like "boneless breast" and "jerk grilled protein," and she ultimately admits that the meatless jerk was a fine option. For those still uncomfortable with vegan and vegetarian soul food, there's always the nearby Beans & Cornbread to satisfy the carnivore in us all. The market apparently demanded the vegetarian option, so time will tell if the market continues to support the concept.

Up in Grosse Pointe Farms, the second version of Birmingham's popular Luxe Bar & Grille has won over the News' Abraham, who calls the new neighborhood eatery a "down-to-earth neighborhood spot" with apparently loftier and successful ambitions.

Abraham seems to have enjoyed almost everything at this new Luxe on Kercheval, from the grilled three-cheese sandwich to the heirloom tomato salad, and even the Ron Rea style dining room and bar. She also lends her endorsement to the bar's many varieties of hamburger.
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