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Detroit is Definitely Donut Town

Dilla's Delights

Word around town is that 90s rapper J Dilla is about to be associated with Detroit's already thriving donut scene. Fans of J Dilla, who passed away in 2006, won't be surprised that the Detroit native is about to have his name on a donut shop, since he reportedly named his final album, "Donuts" after his favorite treat.

Dilla's Delights, in downtown's Harmonie Park neighborhood, will supposedly be supplying the main ingredient for a special bread pudding on the upcoming dinner menu at COLORS, so the planned Fall 2013 opening must be still on the horizon for the shop. (That said, an earlier listing for August 2013 opening is rapidly becoming implausible, what with Sept. 1 popping up this Sunday and all).

The store is the brainchild of the rapper's family, which could indicate that it will be a tribute to J Dilla and his hometown, and not just an attempt to capitalize on a known name and some great alliteration potential.
—Victoria Trudeau
· Dilla's Delights [Official]

Dilla's Delights

242 JOHN R. ST. DETROIT, MI 48226