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Firebird Menu Is Small, But Varied; Eat All Coney Dogs

Firebird Tavern

GREEKTOWN — The previously announced soft-opening of Greektown's latest bar and eatery, the Firebird Tavern, went off for real last night, and early reports suggest the space is lovely and the menu is simple, but successful. The sausage and ricotta spread, open-faced lamb sandwich and simple spinach salad drew our eyes, and the one-page menu's inclusion of a smart-sounding peanut butter & jelly sandwich shows the Firebird knows how to have fun. Plus, they are said to have a rather well-stocked bar, which would solve any food concerns in the first place. [DBusiness]

CORKTOWN — If you've read Eater Detroit at all lately, you'll know that we love tracking coverage of the newest retrofitted Michigan Ave. restaurant, Ottava Via. Hell Yeah Detroit! has the latest iteration of pre-opening, high praise writing for the Italian dining spot nestled within the former Dime Savings Bank (they officially opened Saturday), but they also have some pretty fantastic photos of the interior space, and some of the first rear patio images we've seen. Less review and more photo essay with meal descriptions, the post is definitely one of the more appetizing approaches to jump on the Ottava Via media train. [Hell Yeah! Detroit]

DOWNTOWN — There's a hot dog throw down on the way, and there's still room in the ranks to compete. The Sept. 12 American Coney Island Coney Dog Eating Challenge, which will be held at the original American Coney Island downtown, pits eater against eater to determine just who can eat the most coney dogs in 10 minutes. (It's harder than you might think — last year's winner put down 10 and a half in the allotted time). The contest fees benefit charities that provides scholarships for culinary students, so it will feel less awful if you put back a couple of coneys next month. Remember the cooking kids, folks. Do it for the kids. [Freep]

Ottava Via

1400 Michigan Avenue, , MI 48216 (313) 962-5500 Visit Website

American Coney Island

114 West Lafayette Boulevard, , MI 48226 (313) 961-7758 Visit Website