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Inside Rock City; Lovely Stories from Bell's Brewing

Cafe Muse

HAMTRAMCKRock City Eatery is really, really going to open soon — they've got a menu, a plan of action and a couple of gauzy preview pieces in the local media today. Food booster / strangely deeply involved media person Nicole Rupersberg has some great inside images of the former Maria's Comida on Eat It Detroit today, including the news that there will be a poutine plate named after her. The pictures show the grunge-tastic, hand-made vibe that owner Nikita Santches is going for, which should be enough for anyone to get excited about their pending opening. [EatItDetroit]

ANN ARBOR — We know, we know — Bell's Brewing Company isn't located in Ann Arbor. But this charming MittenBrew excerpt from the upcoming A2 tome, Ann Arbor Beer: A Hoppy History of Tree Town Brewing by David Bardallis shows a bit of how Bell's founder Larry Bell wet his chops on the path to national beer fame as a thirsty and curious 24-year-old. Home brews, high hopes and more awaited the young beer master in the making. Check it out. [MittenBrew]

PULASKI — The Edible Hut is just that — a gazebo-like structure built on the city's East Side with a roof covered in edible herbs and plants. The "cooking herbs, edible flowers and medicinal plants" on the structure's roof will eventually be harvested by neighborhood volunteers and shared with area residents. Walls will eventually be added to the building in the center of Calimere Park, but for now, it's just a charming curiosity. [MLive]

ANN ARBOR — In neighboring Canada, promise of a cronut burger made dozens of customers sick. So why, exactly, is Ann Arbor's Uncle Neil's Bread and Donuts trying their hand at a faux-version of Dominique Ansel's absurdly popular New York City baked good? In keeping with national trends, these doughnut-croissant hybrids went wild on social media and sold out within two hours. They return to the weekly Sunday Artisan Market on Sept. 1. []

ROYAL OAK — Their first home was too small, so they moved down the street. Then, they bought the space next door and added a bar. Finally, Royal Oak's Cafe Muse has extended their reach to an outdoor sidewalk patio eating area, after the redesign of the previous patio space. The new space premiered this weekend, and the Cafe Muse Facebook page wanted to make sure fans saw the tidy new eating area. To check it out yourself, head out to the Muse in the waning weeks of summer. [Facebook]

Rock City Eatery

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