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Packard Plant Rehab in Doubt; New Things in New Center

1477 Edison is foreclosed and potentially headed to the auction. Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard

EAST SIDE — There are new doubts about a developer's plans to (magically) transform the derelict Packard Plant into housing. The man we affectionally know as The Hults appears to have no financing, no experience, and no useful partnerships. In retrospect, "doubts" may be putting it lightly. Lucky for the Hults, we're in Wayne County, none of those things matter all that much.
NEW CENTER — The popular Mexicantown coffee shop Cafe con Leche is planning to open a second location in New Center, and the concept renderings are pretty wild. Regardless of your feelings on rainbow-colored ceiling tiles, the storefront and location are both top-notch.
WAYNE COUNTY — In the market for some dirt-cheap real estate? The yearly frenzy known as the Wayne County tax foreclosure auction draws near, though the first round is the priciest of them all: the minimum bid amounts to the building's unpaid back taxes. We're here to help with the details.
NEW CENTER — Once a gigantic bakery for Nabisco, the NBC Building officially opened on Wednesday as a U-Haul moving and storage center. The historic building was vacant and crumbling before the company purchased the building last year, beginning an intense restoration process.