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Le Petit Zinc's Social Media Rebels

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Le Petit Zinc

We know that we've made less-than-rosy remarks about the service at Corktown's otherwise-wonderful crêpe and croissant garden, Le Petit Zinc. But their post this morning on Twitter and Facebook offers an unusual angle into internal politics at the Trumbull Street hot spot.

Please remember to tip your servers here at Le Petit Zinc. We do not pay them an hourly wage. As an advocate of human rights and equality, especially among women, Karima Sorel does not extend these ideals to her staff, and rapidly fires any woman to whom she feels a personal threat. There is a long line of former employees that can attest to this, all women. Women that were unjustly fired due to this woman's infantile super ego, greed, and inability to embody the image that she projects to the facebook community. That being said, please compensate your servers fairly and inquire yourselves about this posting.

Apparently, whomever is in charge of the Le Petit Zinc social media account doesn't get along with owner Charles Sorel's wife, local artist Karima. One wonders if the keys to the LPZ Twitter feed — normally just a helpful collection of tweets about the crêpe du jour and similar items — are just left around the kitchen for anyone to grab. Stay tuned.
UPDATE, 10:53— The FB post disappeared as this post was being drafted, which suggests that the social media keys aren't as widely available as it would seem. The screenshot above shows the original content of the post.