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Drink Bell's Beer Brewed From Old Stroh's Barrels

Curbed Detroit / CoStar

It's very sad and very true that the former Stroh's Brewery headquarters in Grand Circus Park both no longer produces Stroh's Beer, nor does it feature the lovely rooftop biergarten of years past.

But that doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the old-fashioned taste of Stroh's, or at least a near approximation thereof. Bell's Brewing Company in distant Comstock, MI recently purchased the tanks used to make the classic Detroit beer, and they are reconstructing the nearly-century-old relics in their West Michigan facility for future use and historic display.

The tanks will reportedly be used to make draught-style beers after being fully hooked up and rebuilt, which will probably taste more like the original Stroh's then whatever stuff is currently being called 'Stroh's' by the Pabst Blue Ribbon people.
· Bell's Brewery Rebuilds 100-year-old Stroh's Barrels in Comstock [MLive]