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Cheap Rents in HamTown; CPA Building Is A Price-Tease

Chris and Michelle Gerard

This post was authored by Curbed Editorial Director Sarah Cox

DOWNTOWN — In case you are wondering why there's a mini Hong Kong in downtown Detroit, that would be all thanks to the movie Transformers 4 which began two weeks of filming in Detroit this week.

CAPITOL PARKOne of the oldest districts of downtown Detroit is going to be getting the renovation treatment. Check back to this map as we track the progress, including the plans for redevelopment at The Farwell, the Capitol Park Building, and the United Way Building.

METRO DETROIT— Architect Minoru Yamasaki practiced in the Detroit area for over forty years and was one of the world's best-known architects in the early 1960s. Now there's a map to help you find all his most important work in the Detroit area.

CORKTOWN— The CPA Building, a ruin across from the train station, continues to put out confusing price information. If you were excited that it might now be $500K, too bad. It is back at $1M for the lot, or $900K for the building alone.

HAMTRAMCK—Need a rental for under $700 a month? That is not a problem in this city within a city. One option is even a brand new building.