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Three of Four Hatch Finalists Have Food For You

Corktown Cinema

It's finally here — the finalist round of the 2013 Hatch Detroit Contest. The next round lasts until that final day of voting, Aug. 28, and features Batch Brewing Company, Corktown Cinema, HenriettaHaus Coffee Roasters and Spielhaus Toys.

In this next round, we've learned that you can only vote for one business per day. If your loyalties are split between the former Burton Theatre, the nearly-built-out microbrewery on Michigan Ave., the coffee roaster in Hamtramck or the old-fashioned toys of Spielhaus, you can move around on a daily basis in helping decide who snags the $50,000 prize from Comerica Bank.

Votes can be cast on the Hatch Detroit site, the Hatch Detroit Facebook page and in person at a select few local businesses. The final Hatch Off is Aug. 29 at the M@dison Building, and while our loyalties might lean toward the food folks, all entrants deserve a firm and hearty 'Huzzah.' HUZZAH!(It's also worth noting that previous semi-finalists and finalists have gone on to open up on their own, so those other six businesses could still open somewhere sometime, if they want.)
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