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Downtown: Parking Garages Lose, Architecture Wins

DEMOLITIONDemo continues at the Bates Garage, an old parking deck on Monroe. The graffiti-covered structure hasn't been usable in years, but tearing down four stories of reinforced concrete is no weekend project. Photos of the demolition progress ahead.

RENOVATION — The G.A.R. Castle developers would like your input in deciding what to do with the building's niches. The small alcoves were originally meant to display statues of Civil war soldiers, but its unlikely they were ever actually used. What's the most historically accurate way to proceed?

SALES Metro Times is in the process of selling its headquarters, which happens to be a 116-year-old gem known as the Cornice and Slate Building. The buyer? Blue Cross/Blue Shield, who is looking to expand their downtown campus.

PRESERVATION — The owner of the historical State Bank Building wants to demolish the structure for -- you guessed it -- parking. An army of preservationists (and Curbed) packed the HDC hearing, voicing their opposition in some rather amusing ways. Curbed has the play-by-play right here.