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Shinola Thinks You Deserve Good Food

Shinola Detroit

The final list for the fall 2013 Detroit Restaurant Week is still being worked out amongst the various restauranteurs involved. However, the fact that the Detroit-based bike and watch craftspeople at Shinola are a main sponsor of suggests good and entirely nice things about the overall feel of the event. Shinola is extra-proud of being located in Midtown Detroit, and their inclusion of the very excellent juicemakers at DROUGHT in their first-ever storefront on Canfield gives the very vague impression that they are tapped in to the local food scene in a significant way.

Are we wildly speculating here? Maybe so. We're just excited to see the fall restaurant list on the way out, and we're extra excited that Shinola is pitching in. Fall restaurant week is pegged to run from Sept. 20 to Sept. 29. Stay tuned for more news on the three-course, $30-special celebration of city restaurants.
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