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Pizza is Everywhere; Starbucks in Campus Martius?

Vince's Italian Restaurant

DOWNTOWN — The redevelopment of Dan Gilbert's downtown empire is heavily focused on 'activating' sectors of the city's core, which up until now seems to mean 'giving people places to purchase food and other things.' That trend could continue with rumors of a Starbucks Coffee outlet in One Kennedy Square. It's not confirmed — unlike the incoming Potbelly Sandwich Co., which is — but we're curious about the implications. [CurbedDetroit]

NOVI — We promise we'll stop writing about the state's first Cheesecake Factory eventually, but when you people line up around the side of the Twelve Oaks Mall in order to get inside for lunch on the first day, we're forced to at least note it. The grand public opening of the restaurant saw lines, breathless local news coverage and even a helpful fact-sheet from MLive. David Muller says it well: "It is hard to remember the last time a national chain restaurant generated this much interest from readers." Quite. [EatItDetroit / MLive]

DETROIT — The locally-sourced, locally-produced guide to the city's best bets for all sorts of authentic experiences, From Belle Isle to 8 Mile: An Insiders Guide to Detroit, includes a sizable sampling of pizza suggestions. Their best doughy options are highlighted in a breezy read at ModelD this week, including hidden gems like Bob's Pizza Palace, Gracie See Pizzeria and Amar Pizza, among others. If the end of summer simply screams 'Marathon Pizza Parade' to you, these are some great places to start. [ModelD]

Amar Pizza

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