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Detroit Kitchen Connect Is Ready For Your Food Ideas

FoodLab Detroit

The popup kitchen / restaurant is already making the rounds in the Motor City. (See the folks at Coffee and (____) or any of last year's now-pending West Village string of popups). Groups like Revolve Detroit, Hatch Detroit other small business incubators give financial and organizational support to people with good ideas and help restaurants like Midtown's fast-developing La Feria tapas bar find the space and time to make those ideas an edible reality.

Detroit Kitchen Connect, a new project growing out of a partnership betweenFoodLab Detroit at the Green Garage in Midtown and the Eastern Market Corporation, hopes to add more small businesses to the city's neighborhoods by providing high-quality shared commercial kitchen space to caterers and food producers looking for a way to grow their business without necessarily purchasing a full-scale industrial kitchen on their own.

The program has some lofty goals, but it's probably easiest to let them explain themselves what they are aiming to do:

"Detroit Kitchen Connect exists to provide reliable, accessible space for local entrepreneurs, community members and organizations to process high-quality food products in a diverse and collaborative learning environment."

With kitchen access at Ss. Peter & Paul in Southwest and Matrix Human Services in Osborn, Detroit Kitchen Connect imagines a network of small business working and learning together as they prepare food and impact their communities. It's a less sexy but still super important side of the popup scene that deserves this kind of attention, and it will be exciting to see the groups that come to apply in the first round.
· Detroit Kitchen Connect [Official]