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Fatburger Dreams Big in Midtown

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[Paul Beshouri / Curbed Detroit]

It's been two years in the making, but Midtown's very own iteration of Beverly Hills-based burger outlet Fatburger is apparently hurtling toward an opening before the end of July 2013.

An Eater Detroit source wandered by the Studio One building earlier today and noticed an open door and a parked car with the space's developer inside conveniently located nearby. The space, which has had signs advertising the coming burger onslaught for years, is aiming for a July 29 opening, according to Great Lakes Fast Food general manager Gary Shelton, the local Fatburger franchisee.

Shelton plans to spend the next few weeks parsing through the piles of applications he's received during the two year lull (an original investor backed out and another one had to be procured, he said). "I'm looking for diverse people, people with a good attitude who want to have the full Fatburger experience," Shelton told Eater Detroit. "Because it's definitely an experience."

A Southfield iteration of the chain — the first Michigan location — opened in 2008 and closed in 2010.

Construction is said to wrap up pretty quickly, and the week of the 22nd is targeted as training week, with the 29th as the big opening. "It looks good, but I'm not a construction guy, I'm just a project manger," Shelton said. Shelton also emphasized his Detroit roots.

"I'm from Detroit, I know Detroit like the back of my hand," he said. He said that he hopes to distribute 500 coats to the homeless in front of the store in October, and he also plans to open more metro Detroit locations soon.

"This is a new brand for the area, and Five Guys have nothing on our quality of food," Shelton said. "People are really going to be surprised."
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