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Watermelon Truck Blues, Libertarians for Garage Freedom

Stella Good Coffee

NW GOLDBERG — A cross-country trip for a batch of watermelons got a rather rude awakening earlier today on the city's west side. A truck carrying thousands of pounds of watermelon from Miami to Marysville overestimated an I-94 overpass, eventually getting stuck beneath the freeway's service drive. 40,000 pounds of watermelon were removed from the truck before it was extracted from the scene. [ClickOnDetroit]

DEARBORN— The city of Dearborn's controversial proposal to ban residents' alternative uses for their garages has drawn the ire of the Campaign for Liberty, a Ron-Paul-created Libertarian activist group dedicated to "restoring foundational principles" in American communities. In recent years, Middle Eastern residents in the inner ring suburb have taken to their garages to cook, relax and even sleep. The city's planning commission has expressed concern about the potential fire hazard of garage cooking and other alternative uses. [Freep]

EASTERN MARKETHe was a late addition to the summer's first Eastern Market Tuesday outing today, but Joe Uhl's Joseph Wesley Black Tea will likely continue to draw fans in the area as he keeps popping up and proffering his teas. The special slow-tea variety is currently available at Stella Good Coffee, Pure Detroit, Nest and Village Market, and will hopefully make a return appearance at Eastern Market Tuesdays for the next few months. [Model D]