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Anthony Bourdain Was Here: Where Did He Eat?

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Michael Symon's Roast

Either celebrity chef / wayward TV personality Anthony Bourdain really did come to Detroit this weekend, or he's engaged in an elaborate form of social media tomfoolery. Just kidding — he was here.

It's been a vaguely confirmed fact that the former Travel Channel (now CNN) host would be visiting the Motor City while filming the second season of his show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. So where on this humid, hazy holiday weekend did he sit down to eat?

Though Bourdain continued to play social media maven throughout the weekend, tweeting at popular local chefs like Birmingham's Brian Polcyn and complimenting Michael Symon of Roast, the only point of food consumption that Eater can confirm is based on those same tweets.

Bourdain tweeted at Symon on Sunday evening, praising his meal at Roast (and also saluting the restaurant's excellent playlist).

But there were surely many other stops on the Bourdain train this weekend, which is where you come in — did you see Anthony Bourdain this weekend? Did you share a meal with him? Did you avoid his camera crew? Let us know, so we can all plot out the future episode before it airs and feel good about ourselves and our city ahead of time.

UPDATE, 7/8/13, 1:30 PM: He's still here. A tweet (always with the tweets!) sent at 12:53 pm details Bourdain's breakfast at Duley's (two coney dogs), Oxtail at Full Belly and BBQ at Vickie's Barbecue and Shrimp. Get on it, Detroit — tell us you've seen him.


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