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It's Souptastik! Wolfgang Puck Pizza Tasty But Misplaced

Souptastik Crepes

Hitting up a strip mall all the way out in Farmington Hills this week, the Detroit News' Molly Abraham brings tales from the quasi-Russian front of Souptastik Crepes. The creperie isn't exactly Russian, she admits, but their fun name and distinctive Russian influence add a little something extra to the equation.

Abraham reserves praise for the unique, simple Russian-style crepes and solyanka (a Russian version of jambalaya), and acknowledges that even for a strip-mall joint, Souptastik is doing something different and special. Still, not special enough to merit more than two-and-a-half stars, however.

Back in the city, inside the Motor City Casino's former Saltwater Restaurant, celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck has opened his Wolfang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina, and the decor doesn't necessarily suit the intended atmosphere.

The Metro Times' Noelle Lothamer has pleasant things to say about the pizza, especially the Italian sausage, the soppressata, salami and pepperoni and the mushroom, leek and goat cheese pizzas.

She doesn't hold the same happy feelings for the restaurant's mostly-unchanged decor from its previous incarnation, noting that "the fine-dining ambience doesn't lend itself to this kind of convivial eating." The mixed-messaging extends beyond the decor, as paper placements and constantly-refreshed silverware settings create a hodge-podge of fancy-meets-fuss-free dining.
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