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Dakota Inn Rathskeller at 80, Hatch Detroit Finalists Soon

Dakota Inn Rathskeller

PALMER PARK — A staple of the city's northern fringes for decades upon decades, the Dakota Inn Rathskeller is officially 80 years young tomorrow. The Kurz family, who have owned the German restaurant and bar since its original inception in 1933, are welcoming well-wishers to an incredibly-inexpensive celebration next Wednesday, August 7 (complete with 5 cent glasses and 10 cent steins!). We'll remind you of that then, but for now, wish the Dakota Inn a hearty, healthy, happy 80th tomorrow. Here's to 80 more! [Facebook]

METRO DETROIT — Though location and timeline details are still relatively vague (and their PR-style call out to Detroit's "hard times"), the news that gourmet pizza chain Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar is planning three metro-area locations in the next few years is good news on the development front. Their Fenton location, which has been delayed from a late-July opening to planned early August debut, is playing up their food and atmosphere, convincing MLive writer Jeremy Allen that they may be "the best dining experience in the county." (Um, what about the Laundry?) [DBusiness]

DOWNTOWN — Now that the revived and restored Crowne Plaza Convention Center Hotel / Pontchartrain is up and running, it's safe to assume that we're only seeing start of the string of media cooing and oohing around their new restaurant options. And the cooing is totally justified — Thrillist Detroit's Ryan Patrick Hooper has some tantalizing photos and meal descriptions of the new Jefferson House that could convince any reluctant diner to head on down. There will no doubt be more coverage of this eatery, but the photos and quick captions are a nice new take. [Thrillist Detroit]

BRUSH PARK — With more than 200 entries to parse through, the upcoming announcement of the top 10 Hatch Detroit semi-finalists in Ford Field's Hall of Legends could be an especially-packed adventure in the city's start-up pop-up economic scene. There's no guarantee a food concern will make the semi-final tally — Midtown's quickly developing tapas restaurant, La Feria was a recent Hatch winner, meaning the backers might want more diversity in their future projects — but there's definitely a strong chance the accompanying food and drink samples at the Aug. 8 reveal will tide everybody over regardless. [-ED-]

The Jefferson House

2 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226 313-965-0200

La Feria Spanish Tapas

4130 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 Visit Website

The Dakota Inn-Rathskeller

17324 John R Street, Detroit, MI 48203 313-867-9722