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Torino Reborn While Capers Brings It By The Ounce

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The Detroit News' Molly Abraham has nothing but stars to give Ferndale's Torino this week, with her four-star review of the former Nine Mile coffeeshop turned mixed menu dream palace.

"It's the kind of thing some people will love —and others? Well, this style of dining can be described pretty much in black-and-white terms. You'll embrace it or know immediately that it's not for you."

Whatever the case, it is definitely Molly Abraham's thing this week, with her short but breathy praise for executive chef Garrett Lipar's tricky rotating menu enterprise [DetNews].

Michael Jackman at the Metro Times visited Regent Park's Capers Steakhouse a couple of evenings recently, and thinks the steak-by-the-ounce neighborhood hangout is doing something right. Noting the "the ceaseless demand for tables at dinner" and "the line of waiting customers filed out the door," Jackman says the noisy, 30-year-old establishment is well worth the wait. Probably. [MetroTimes]

Thrillist Detroit's Phil Bator has a secret and he wants everyone to know about it. More photo essay than review, his write-up of the late night menu at Ferndale's Imperial suggests that all the best things in life happen after midnight. Calling Imperial "the best place to get tacos Northeast of Southwest," Bator thinks the exclusive Friday-Saturday midnight to two a.m. selection is a sloppy hangover done right. [ThrillistDetroit]


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