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Cheesecake Day Arrives; Food Trucks to Eastern Market

Green Zebra

OAK PARK — While plenty of foods and food groups have special "national" days in their honor (national hot dog day was last week), not all those foods involve free slices of cheesecake. That's right — tomorrow is National Cheesecake Day, and Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes in Oak Park is offering the first 150 customers after 10 am a free slice of their fresh-baked goodness. There are, no doubt, other places to celebrate the quasi-marketing-made holiday. But if you've got time on your hands mid-morning on Tuesday, why not go grab a free slice? [-ED-]

LANSINGMichigan is the only state in the country with unique, specific barriers on employment discrimination based on height or weight. That unusual and surprising distinction was highlighted in a TIME Magazine blog post last week after a New Jersey state judge ruled against a group of women who sued their Atlantic City casino employer for their rough rules on waitress weight gain. Other cities and municipalities around the country have similar civil rights regulations, but Michigan is the only state with state-wide limits on weight and height. Who knew? [TIME Magazine]

FLINT / DETROIT — Hints of a string of strikes in the fast-food industry across the country flared up in Detroit and Flint today, as workers called for higher wages in a bid to raise employees out of working poverty. The workers, many of whom are involved in groups like Detroit-15 and other living wage advocates, could affect service at area McDonalds, Burger Kings, Wendys and other major fast-food restaurants in both southeast Michigan cities. Demonstrations are planned, but the major aspects of the strike have been called off locally. [Bloomberg]

MIDTOWN — While residents of the the city's north side celebrate the opening of the first Meijer superstore between 8 Mile and the Detroit River, business continues to boom in the city's other new grocery store, Whole Foods Detroit. Sales at the increasingly crowded organic wonderland are so high that cashiers from out of state have been called in for extra support. An Eater Detroit source visited the store last weekend, and was surprised to hear from a cashier that she had been bused in that week from a Whole Foods in neighboring Indiana. No word yet on what the high-profile, high-volume store means for the future of food within the city. [-ED-]

EASTERN MARKET — Tomorrow's Tuesday festivities at Eastern Market include a veritable who's who of local food trucks. The six food trucks lined up to proffer their products include Beignets, Green Zebra, Grindhouse, the Mac Shack, Ned's Travelburger and Urban Grounds. The 9 am to 3 pm open shed hours mean that a hungry go-getter could totally grab breakfast, lunch and even part of dinner at the food truck rally before, after and during working hours. Just a thought.

DOWNTOWN — After Friday's second-annaul Cadillac Square Market, major Detroit booster/believer Dan Gilbert's plans for a food-finder's downtown paradise are well on their way. The market, which pairs the green-roofed food shacks already lining the square with a smattering of local vendors, including food folks like McClure's Pickles and Joseph Wesley Black Teas, runs on the fourth Friday and Saturday of the month through the end of August, meaning that August 23-24 is the last day to catch a glimpse of the market day this summer. You've been adequately warned. [MLive]