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Blueberry Season is Upon Us, Flavor Flav's Moves On

Griffin Claw Brewing Company

STERLING HEIGHTS — After months of similarly-dire warnings, Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs is leaving its one and only Sterling Heights location for greener pastures. A series of back-to-back announcements on the restaurant's Facebook page suggests the fast-food restaurant might be moving into Detroit proper after shutting down this week, but the update merely asks the city "WHERE YOU AT?" Whether this is all a poorly-coordinated guerrilla social media marketing campaign is still up in the air. Where we all at, indeed. [Facebook]

DELRAY — The first annual iteration of the Oakaloosa Music Festival takes over Fort Wayne this Saturday, bringing big national acts Girl Talk and Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony and a bevy of regional and local favorites to the decaying historic site near the Detroit River on the city's west side. The philanthropic event is meant to raise funds to restore the fort to its earlier glory, and features a full-service bar and other food vendors scattered throughout the festival grounds. The 12-1/2 hour festival might be sidelined by inclement weather, but that doesn't mean the music is going to stop. [-ED-]

DOWNTOWN — It might be totally obvious from the outside, but Steve's Detroit Deli tiny storefront on East Grand River makes some gigantic sandwiches. Their new, semi-parodic YouTube commercial shows owner Steve (and his unnamed business partner, quietly playing Vana White / silent window peeper in the background) as they explain just why the two-seater deli is worth the low-low prices they charge. And they used to have Snapple! Which was great. For laughs and big sandwiches, Steve's Detroit Deli is the place to go (but not with more than one of your friends, because of the two-person capacity limit.) [-ED-]

SAGINAW — The ever-elusive and always delicious reign of the blueberry is upon us, and good food and even better desserts await. The first batch of blueberry farms across the state have hesitantly started to open their proverbial doors, giving fans of the blue fruit reason to celebrate and salivate. MLive's outstate coverage team provides ample discussion of blueberry recipes, picking locations and plans for the next blissful few weeks of the good kind of blue. [MLive]

STATE FAIR GROUNDS— The grand opening hoopla for the city's first Meijer Thrifty Acre location may have masked the also good news that Atwater Brewery and Meijer partnered to make a brand new brew celebrating the store. State Fair Pale Ale, only available in the Michigan-based grocery-retail giant's stores. There's no sign of external sales elswehere in the works (or how the new IPA tastes), but the excitement alone of the new store and groceries galore will make everyone happy. Right? [MarketWatch]

BIRMINGHAM — There can never be enough media coverage for new local restaurants (we kid, of course), but in the case of Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, most of the reviews seem to be totally warranted. Thrillist Detroit tackles the big beer barn this week, with tantalizing description of the tasty beer and chocolate covered bacon available for purchase at the industrial-chic suburban beer garden. [ThrillistDetroit]

EASTERN MARKET — Turns out there's more than just Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe providing Detroiters with high-quality meats these days. Adam's Meats in Eastern Market is winning fans left and right, including from the Detroit News' Kate Lawson, who uses her weekend write-up of the store to proffer a recipe for kefta kebabs. Lawson breathlessly describes the "outstandingly clean" store with its "beautiful cuts of meat along with marinated spicy tawook, shawarma chicken and shish kebab," and seems to be proud of herself for having explored the new space and come away a winner. Everybody loves kebabs, of course, so everybody can win here. [DetNews]