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Abraham Does Ottava Via; Plus Panache 447 Disappoints

Sarah Cox / Curbed Detroit

While the soft-opening might indicate they quite ready for wider business, that of course didn't stop the News' Molly Abraham from taking a trip to visit Corktown's newest eatery, Ottava Via. In her review, Abraham notes that the space, much like its menu and bocce ball court, is still unfinished, but the parts that are finished are very much to her liking. Abraham leaves high praise for the boneless rolled pork, describing it as the "one pork dish" worth eating this year.

She also reserved good words for chef Ariel Millan, who she seems to expect to grow and deliver as much as his new restaurant does. While three stars is a good read on a still unfinished and non-Grand Opened restaurant, it nevertheless feels a bit premature to deliver a review. But don't let that stop Molly Abraham.

Meanwhile, out in Plymouth, the Metro Times' Jane Slaughter sets out some strong words for the decor, spelling and cuisine at Panache 447, a would-be stylish place that she suggests can't quite live up to its ritzy name.

Still, the fact that a customer can add 21 extra items to a burger at no extra cost gives Slaughter some positive pause, and the Michigan cherry port-glazed fillet gets a special nod as well. So there's promise buried among all that frustration. Perhaps if there weren't four hundred-plus kinds of panache attached to this new space, they might have received better mention.

Ottava Via

1400 Michigan Avenue, , MI 48216 (313) 962-5500 Visit Website