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Food Cart For Sale; Soccer in Greektown?

Hockeytown Cafe

OAKLAND COUNTY — We hate to be vague, but somewhere out in Oakland County, there's a perfectly useable food cart for sale. It's got lovely wood panelling, all the kitchen goodies one would need to sling some hash in and around the city and seems to be in mostly working order. It appears to be owned by Phillis Engelbert and Joel Panozzo of Ann Arbor's soon-to-open Lunchroom vegan restaurant in Kerry Town. This is not an ad. (Because really, it's listed for $12,000). This is merely a reminder that if anyone out there wants to be a member of the roving culinary squad, your chance has finally arrived. [Craigslist]

GREEKTOWN Of all the proposals for the former Wayne County Jail site on the eastern edge of downtown, the one that seems to be driving the most traffic on local news sites is one by Pontiac Silverdome owner Triple Group, which calls for a soccer stadium and mixed-use development zone surrounding it. We like soccer and all, but what really excites us is the possibility that the development will include dozens of new restaurants and bars. Soccer fans like drinking, right? We wouldn't know — this isn't England, after all. [Freep]

LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder seems to be a big Red Wings fan — or at least, he's a fan of the economic and entertainment developments they've got planned for the north edge of downtown Detroit. During a Wednesday meeting of the Michigan Strategic Fund board, the group approved the city's proposed tax revenue strategy for funding part of the huge Hockeytown expansion. The question here is: will former-gov Rick Snyder (probably well out of office by the time the new arena opens) join the Wings for the first game? [MLive]