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La Feria Wishes Us Well, Plus More On Guns & Butter

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While we're still patiently waiting for your tips and dining tricks on our hotline, it's nice to know that you feel comfortable leaving comments with important notes and suggestions.

Elias Khalil, co-owner of La Feria, the hotly-anticipated tapas bar in Midtown, left an exceedingly gracious note on a recent post last week, promising that good things are on the way for his rapidly developing space:

"Ah, if only we can control over the timeline! This is La Feria commenting. We are so excited and ready to be open for all. If only we could control how quickly contractors, city inspectors, and state regulators dot their "i"s and cross their "t"s. Hold tight, we promise you won't be disappointed!"

And on a recent small write-up of chef Craig Lieckfelt (formerly / currently of popup outfit extraordinaire, Guns & Butter) future plans, another commenter noted that the chef's "undefined restaurant concept" just might be a burger joint with an apparently "cowardly partner." (Not sure what that means).

The point here is that Eater Detroit values your input and insights. If you've got news in the restaurant world, we want to hear about it. Your well-worded (or not) comments might end up driving the day's content, which is fun for everyone.

La Feria Spanish Tapas

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