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Craft Beer Talks the Talk on WDET

Motor City Brewing Works

Seeing as it is officially still Michigan Craft Beer Month, it seems there are still many stories to be told about the state's rapidly-growing craft beer community.

In a lively and lovely interview on WDET's Craig Fahle Show today, Oliver Roberts of Wolverine State Brewing Company and John Linardos of Motor City Brewing Works share stories of their brewing successes with Scott Graham, executive director of the Michigan Brewers Guild.

Among other interesting bits from the conversation, we're reminded of the surprising fact that Boston's Sam Adams Brewery is technically a microbrewer, craft brews currently account for four percent of the Michigan beer market, and the old Big Buck Brewery space in Auburn Hills is still very much unoccupied.

There's some other great takeaways from the conversation, so take a listen and learn more about the state's bustling, burgeoning beer scene. (Or just wait until the show rebroadcasts tonight at 7).

Motor City Brewing Works

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