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Rodin Does Taco Tuesday, Israeli Style in Cadillac Square

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Vincente's Cuban Cuisine

MIDTOWN — Continuing the unfortunate but nevertheless hopping trend of rainy Tacos : Turntables : Tequila (Tuesdays) at Great Lakes Coffee, tonight's event features special guest and other buzzy midtown eatery, Rodin. Whether or not the French-influenced bistro will provide tacos straight out of La Francophonie is still unclear, but if they provide some of their snazzy mixed drinks or small plates for the event, they'll more than pass muster. [Twitter]

DOWNTOWN — The gluten-free, Kosher and vegan-friendly Cadillac Square outpost The Spot gets some much-deserved media love today. The Israeli-inspired food booth lives in one of those bright green downtown huts that have taken over the summer lunchtime eating scene for the city's office workforce. Even though GrubHub disagrees with the whole 'no gluten-free options in the city' thing, the Spot is trying its best to help out. [Hell Yeah Detroit]

WOODBRIDGE — Not to be forever contained by popular and neighborhood-boosting Woodbridge Pub, pizza popup concept Pie-Sci has announced it is breaking out into a nearby storefront, with eyes on a May 2014 opening. The pizzeria, whose creators currently serve up a mean plate of pie on Sundays at Woodbridge, eventually hopes to serve beer and wine in their tiny future home. [ModelD]

NORTH END — Among the many other currents of good news bubbling out of the North End area (Neighborhoods Day is next weekend everybody) is this little tidbit: there are "500 sweet potato plants, 200 different varieties of tomatoes, egg plants, cucumbers, squash, beans, blueberries, raspberries, a small stone fruit orchard, sweet and hot peppers, collard greens, kale, a variety of lettuces and kohlrabe" growing on a local reclaimed farm plot there. That plot, home to the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, aims to provide free harvested produce to residents in need, as well as local food producers around the city. [ModelD]


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