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Bon Appetit Has Good Taste, Royal Oak Speakeasy is Hot

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Vinsetta Garage

BERKLEY— In keeping with this week's apparent 'Hey Rest of World Detroit Has Nice Things and Here They Are In List Form' theme, the crack team of editors at Bon Appetit have a list of 17 gas stations that are now happening dining establishments, and wouldn't you know it, but Berkeley's own Vinsetta Garage made the cut. They liked it so much, it's the main landing image on the story, and they also added praise for the the supposedly mechanic-friendly menu that includes the world famous Clarkston Union mac & cheese. While you browse through the other options, it's pretty plain to see — that Vinsetta Garage is one pretty former petrol station. [Bon Appetit]

ROYAL OAK — While Corktown's Sugar House continues to get wider national attention for its high-class and high-price selection of cocktails, it's not the only speakeasy-style establishment getting external eyes in recent weeks.The Oxford Inn's Lock & Key, a new prohibition-era room in the Royal Oak restaurant's struggling bar space, was remade in part by the new Food Network reality show, 'On the Rocks', in which developers help a struggling business renovate their drink service into something a bit more trendy. With several of their new drinks featuring absinthe and a snack menu that includes Vodka Poached Shrimp and a special egg plate, the new space might be worth checking out before the show itself airs later this year. [Royal Oak Patch]

MIDTOWN — WIth an eye for the recent financial crisis consuming the local cognoscenti, Great Lakes Coffee has been heavily promoting its 2008-vintage Bailout Blend of coffee beans in the store and on social media. The Big Three-related tribute to the federal government's involvement in preventing GM and Chrysler from disappearing forever has been retooled to reference last Thursday's bankruptcy filing, but we think the blend is worth savoring with or without federal financial assistance. (And be honest here — there's no federal aid on the way. Gov. Rick Snyder said so himself.) [-ED-]

DETROIT — The mini-boomlet in downtown and midtown private investments surely will receive the lion's share of media mention as pundits and politicians ponder the future of Detroit, which could also spur further investment in similar popup food and drink places hoping to catch some of that Motown fever. Since so many national chains and companies have ignored the city for decades, taking a bit of a risk and investing time and money in a business could reap huge rewards after the fact. (See: Whole Foods, Midtown). The real question is whether residents will benefit from the new coffeeshops, sandwich stands and artisanal pickle producers that see something happening here. [Terra]

Great Lakes Coffee

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